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Battery Point Trail is in a beautiful area of ocean coastline. The trails have been improved in the past few years: muddy sections have been graveled, steps re-built, difficult sections re-routed, and the trail is longer now. The first mile offers an easy walk through open forest to a long pebble beach and flower-filled meadow to Kelgaya Point. Looking out you can see seals, fishing boats, and snow capped mountains. You can turn back there, or walk another mile of forest and meadow to the tip of Battery Point and another beach in a quiet cove. There are no facilities such as bathrooms or picnic shelters.

Chilkat River Beaches is a mile-long stretch of sand, pebble, and stone beach along Mud Bay Road. This is where the Chilkat River spreads out, two miles wide, as it meets the ocean in the Chilkat Inlet. Glacial silt is depositing rapidly here where the river slows, extending the sand flats 90 feet each year. Paths lead you along through the mix of Blue Spruce, grasses, flowers, ponds, and driftwood. Seals fish in river and eagles nest nearby. Views include mile-high mountains and Pyramid Island. 

There are no facilities, and mid-way along the walk you will have to be mindful of private homes whose lots include the sandy area above the average high-tide line.

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