May 21 2022: Prices are subject to increase, and I can't say how long the shuttle will stay in business. The world economic collapse is developing quickly, and sometime this year fuel shortages and travel restrictions will make it impossible to operate. Even now it is not profitable. You should reserve rides in advance; we may not be available on short notice.

     Haines Shuttle is owned and operated by Jonathan Richardson and Anthony Swaner and is the only shuttle/taxi in Haines. I now use only one 14-passenger van. I do my best to answer all calls and provide all services needed. I can also load/unload unaccompanied vehicles at the ferry.
     I provide a town shuttle at the Alaska Marine Highway System terminal (4.5 miles from town) and Haines Airport (3.5 miles) If you call, text, or email ahead of time I will try to be waiting for you, otherwise contact me when you arrive. When the ferry comes in the middle of the night I am available. FYI: texts reach many areas around Haines where a call won't get through, but a text probably won't wake me up.
     One Way: A ride into town, or from town, now costs $20 per person. For a group the first person is $20, then $10 each for additional members. Little kids are free. If you have a lot of baggage there is an additional $5 charge. If you need to go beyond my idea of 'town', I'll add to the trip in $5 increments depending on how far.
     In town taxiing is $10, plus $5 per extra stop. If you will want a ride later than 9:00pm you really should make arrangements with me earlier so I can be prepared to do it.
     Large group shuttle/taxiing will be calculated at a rate of $120 per hour. That means a taxi trip in town won't exceed $30, and a van load traveling together between the ferry or airport and town won't exceed $60.
     In previous years I ran tours, but now I don't pay for a tour permit or access to the state parks.

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